Choose a shower curtain, pay attention to

1, the length must be appropriate, the hem is preferably about 2 cm from the ground, otherwise it will be dirty when it is squatting;
2, in order to prevent the shower curtain from floating on your body when bathing, it is best to add a plumb to the bottom of the shower curtain to increase its drape;
3, the water retaining strip must be installed on the outside of the shower curtain, because the shower curtain will sway during use, only the water retaining strip is in the outer position, the water will not flow along the shower curtain to the outside of the shower area;
4, shower curtain is more prone to mold, generally better to replace after a period of time, the price is not expensive, can also change the mood; the price is generally tens of dollars, a lot of colors, materials are also a lot.
5, the upper shower curtain track, preferably using stainless steel, durable, sturdy, can also be hung on the track when washing clothes, and then take it out at one time.
Second, under what circumstances is it suitable for the shower room?
The benefits of the shower room are:
1. Dry and wet separation is best done, it will not let the water flow out or splash outside;

2, there is better insulation effect, if you do not want to install Yuba, you can consider the shower room; if the bathroom is too big, the heat is dissipating quickly, and the shower room in winter is also a good choice; especially if there is an old man at home, afraid of cold The shower room is excellent;
3, beautiful, it seems that the bathroom will be more tidy;
As we mentioned above, the general size of the shower room is 1m*1m, which means that the bathroom is large enough, and the shower room will not be used in the case of windows; you can measure the size of the bathroom before purchasing;

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