Create the perfect bathroom

The bathroom is small, but it is a very important part of the decoration, and it is also closely related to our life. Everyday life starts here and ends here; if it is not well installed, you can drive you crazy every day. The toilet is broken and the shower is blocked.
In the process of using the bathroom, it is always easy to have some problems. Therefore, when decorating the bathroom, it is necessary to control all aspects of the details in order to avoid daily life being affected.

First, the bathroom decoration matters needing attention

1, reserve water circuit
Many bathroom friends often forget to reserve power outlets and waterways when the bathroom is renovated. It is easy to cause inconvenience when changing smart toilets and electric towel racks later.

2, wall and floor tiles problem
Do at least 24 hours of water shut-off experiment before laying the floor tiles, and go downstairs to see if there are any traces of water leakage; the floor tiles are aligned with the wall tiles, and when laying the tiles, ensure that the brick surface has a drainage slope of about 1°, and the slope should be Towards the floor drain.

3, dry and wet to be separated
If the bathroom is not wet or separated, it will easily cause the water to splash everywhere, and people will easily slip, which is not conducive to cleaning and can not keep the bathroom fresh.
4. What problems will there be if the ordinary toilet is replaced with a smart toilet?
When installing a common toilet, the user generally does not consider the subsequent modification of the water circuit, and does not reserve a strong electric power source, socket and waterway in the toilet position, and it is more difficult to use the smart toilet in the future. (Right, the toilet seat should also consider the pit distance problem)

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