How do you ask for a Roman curtain?

First, the curtain hanging method. It is mainly decorated with pendant lace, and the design of the curtain is changed. The fan shape, W shape, three-sided folding fan shape, round shape, etc., different curtains and pleat design bring different visual effects, mainly suitable for gorgeous and delicate. Home style.(cheap shower curtains)

Second, the straight hanging method. With simple and generous design, it has become the most common hanging method in the home, such as perforation, collar, tether, sling, etc., which embodies a relaxed and free living atmosphere.

Third, the pleated hanging method. Usually, it is divided into single layer and double layer. The single-layer pleated curtains create a sense of squatting, while the double-layer pleated curtains can effectively reduce the loss of heating and air-conditioning. This hanging method can bring home the elegant The feeling of the atmosphere.(christmas shower curtain)

Fourth, the Roman curtain hanging method. It can choose to put down or pull up according to the change of seasons, which is naturally folded in half, which seems to have a three-dimensional feeling, sling type, four-segment shirring type, bottom with crystal type and other different forms, showing vivid and vivid effects.(Snowman Shower Curtains)

Five, decorative curtain curtain hanging method. It is relatively economical and practical. On the one hand, no pulley is needed, and the curtain rod can be directly inserted into the top box and hung on the wall; on the other hand, it is suitable for small windows, and can be used in a half-cut type to make the window have an increased visual effect. The pleats, hand pleats, pleats, slings, etc., in the delicate design, reflect the sweet little woman's home feeling, let pure and soft into the bedroom.
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