How do you see the quality of the tiles?

1, look at the appearance
In terms of specifications, unless it is a special brick, there is generally no problem of deviation between length and width. If you are more cautious, you can bring a tape measure in advance, randomly measure a few pieces when selecting bricks; or randomly select a few pieces of brick splicing to see if there is a significant deviation in the final splicing effect.
2, water absorption test
The water absorption rate is linked to the porcelain grade of the tile. The higher the porcelain quality, the lower the water absorption rate. When selecting a tile, you can make a simple judgment by dripping water on the back. Weigh the tiles, record the weight, soak the water for 48 hours, remove the dried water, air dry on both sides for an hour or so, and then weigh and calculate the water absorption rate.
48 hours water absorption = (weight after soaking - weight before soaking) / weight before soaking
3, stain resistance test
For tiles, especially for bricks in the living room, dirt resistance is an important indicator. Because people in the living room walk more frequently, it is easy to leave stains on the ground. If the tiles are not dirty and not easy to handle, it will be very troublesome in the future. When selecting bricks, you can prepare a marker in advance, write a line on the surface of the brick, and then wipe it with cloth or paper. If it can be easily wiped off, the glaze is good.
4, hardness test
Hardness is another important indicator of ceramic tiles, which is related to the wear resistance, anti-collision ability and service life of tiles. In theory, the higher the hardness of the tile, the longer the life. When you choose, you can consult with the clerk, and usually answer or test on the spot.
How to buy ceramic tiles?
1, specifications
There are many specifications for ceramic tiles. Some high-end hotels or companies will use large ceramic tiles to highlight their own strength. They will use more than one meter of large plates. Most of the home decoration uses the following common specifications:
Living room: 800*800 on the ground, it will look bigger in the living room;
Bedroom: 600*600 on the ground, the tiles in the bedroom are slightly smaller;
Kitchen: 600*600 on the ground and 300*600 on the wall. The large tiles are very good for the craftsmanship of the bricklayer, and it is easy to produce empty drums and fall off, so choose a slightly smaller one;
Bathroom: 300*300, the bathroom itself is relatively small, large tiles are prone to unscrupulous and need to be cut. Cutting large tiles is easy to waste, and the wall is 300*600.

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