Is it good to use glass or shower curtain?

In order to keep the bathroom simple and dry, more and more families use the wet and dry separation bathroom design. The separation method of the design of the bathroom dry and wet separation can be generally divided into glass or shower curtain. In the previous article "dry and wet separation, the bathroom is designed like this, beautiful and practical! "We have also seen pictures related to wet and dry separation, and everyone may feel good." So dry or wet separation glass or shower curtain is good? Let's analyze and compare!
1, save money
The shower curtains can be fixed in dozens of cheaper parts, and the economy is convenient; the dry and wet separation materials of the glass + the artificial ones must be shower curtains.
2, separation effect
With the dry and wet separation made by the shower curtain, the water will flow along the shower curtain to the dry area. This dry and wet separation effect is incomparable with the glass.
3, beautiful
Dry and wet separation of glass separation is generally more elegant.
4, small area
Although the glass separation has a good aesthetic effect, for a small-sized bathroom, the shower curtain is more suitable. When it is used, it is pulled up, and when it is not used, it is not necessary to worry about the small area of ​​the bathroom.
5, security
I have heard a lot of incidents in the glass of the shower room. If the quality of the glass is not good, the safety of the glass door is poor when the bathroom is hot. It is recommended to apply the explosion-proof membrane to the glass.
6, convenient and practical
The use of glass is more convenient (push and pull), and the glass has better thermal insulation performance; the shower curtain sometimes does not flow smoothly, and the heat preservation effect is not as good as the glass partition.
With the shower curtain, you can make a small squat on the ground to avoid water flowing to the dry area.

Still spending some money to make a shower room. Peace of mind.
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