Modern Home Decoration Style Building Elements

 First, space
No matter how big the room is, it must be spacious. There is no need for cumbersome decoration and excessive furniture, and the overall coordination of space and furniture is reflected in the decoration and arrangement. Geometry is used in modeling, which is the modern minimalist fashion style.

1. Personalized space for color jump
The space of modern style home, the color will jump out. The use of high-purity colors is bold and flexible, not only for the follow-up of modern style homes, but also for the display of individuality. The entire living room is dominated by pure red, red sofas, red background walls, red carpets, and no exaggeration. The multi-functional cabinet is the background of the sofa, the modeling pulley on the sliding door of the combination cabinet, and the large amount of application of aluminum alloy and tempered glass are the common decorative methods of modern style furniture, giving people an avant-garde and unconstrained feeling. The simple and stylish accessories on the combination cabinet make the space a little more fashionable because of its pure color. The set of red and white calf leather half-skin sofas of Conraden furniture, classic colors, just the right mix, stylish and not noisy. The red background wall is made up of metal and glass. It can be used as a sofa background or a TV background wall. It can even be used as a shelf for bookshelves and dressing rooms. High and low combination coffee table, you can choose a variety of combinations according to the owner's preferences, all kinds of changes.

2, simple and practical personalized space
Due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture needs a perfect soft fit to show the beauty. For example, sofas need cushions, dining tables require table cloths, beds need curtains and bed sheets, and soft furnishings are the key to modern minimalist style furniture decoration. A sofa, a coffee table, a TV cabinet, simple lines, a simple combination, and the addition of surrealistic frameless paintings, simple elements such as metal shades, individual pillows and glasses make for a comfortable and simple living room. The white oak-based panel furniture reflects a simple and bright theme, the red leather sofa, a clear configuration in the color, the space is a few bright. Sit down on the sofa and experience it. You will feel the same feeling when you come to an iron buddy's home.

3, multi-functional personality space
Modern style home pays attention to function and space organization, pay attention to the form beauty of structure itself, simple style, anti-excess decoration, advocating reasonable composition process, respecting the performance of materials, paying attention to the texture and color of the material itself, developing non- A traditional asymmetric composition based on functional layout. The living room with a sofa, a coffee table and a wine cabinet is quite bustling. The wall opposite the sofa, with a red brick wallpaper and a few pieces of wood to build a fireplace view, a shelf on the wall, can be a few landscape paintings, some ornaments make the whole wall more vivid, plus a pot of green plants With the cactus bouquet on the coffee table, the natural sense of space is even stronger. Yihua furniture sofa and coffee table itself has a very strong versatility, the combination of wood and wood, natural and simple solid wood, but also the simplicity of the panel furniture. The backrest of the sofa is designed as a fence-like shelf, which not only has a unique shape, but also has a certain storage function. The concave part in the middle of the coffee table is used to place vases, candlesticks, etc., which is no longer suitable.

Second, the function
Advocate maximum performance in a limited space. The choice of furniture emphasizes the function of obeying the form, and everything from the practical point of view, discarding the extra decorative decoration, point to the end. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.

Third, the material
Fully understand the texture and performance of materials, and pay attention to the harmony and complementarity between environmental protection and materials. The rational application of new technologies and new materials is a crucial link. It is reflected in the combination of people and space that fashion and fashion are more representative of the changing modern life.

Fourth, color
The sound of the home is not much, it is the match. Excessive color will give people a messy feeling. In modern minimalist style, use some pure colors to match, so that no matter the furniture shape and space layout, it will give people a refreshing surprise.

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